April 21, 2021

What Are the Differences Between Casino Tips and Strategies?

Most likely you have heard of gambling systems, gambling tactics and gambling strategies. However, it is not so easy to tell the three methods apart. In this blog we tell you exactly what the three terms mean and how they differ. We also look at the very important question of whether gaming systems work at all.

Strategy and tactics

For many people, strategy and tactics are one and the same. But this is not entirely correct if we take a closer look at the matter. In general, you can override the strategy of the tactics and see an action plan as to how a specific goal should be achieved (important: in contrast to the system, there are no rigid rules). The tactic, on the other hand, refers to specific steps and is based on the respective (game) situation or challenge.
Gambling tactics don’t bring you anything in all online casino games. For example, let’s look at baccarat. Under no circumstances can you influence the output here. With roulette you can only place your bet – the rest is simply not in your hand and the house edge is basically always the same anyway. 
When it comes to craps, it helps you immensely if you know the different probabilities, so that you can place the most profitable bets.
Next example: craps. You cannot control which numbers are rolled. However, you have a great advantage if you know the probabilities of the sum of the eyes and the house advantages of the different events. This is how you can make a tactical decision and place the best bet based on the best probability.

Understanding gaming systems

The “developers” of gaming systems promise you that their systems will manipulate the odds of winning casino games – mostly with some kind of fraudulent trick. The internet is full of supposedly surefire systems that bring you immeasurable wealth. There is only one catch: none of them work.
“This is how you trick the slot machines” or “With our infallible system you are guaranteed to win at video poker” – you have certainly seen such or similar titles before. They all have the same intention: to defraud. In traditional casinos, one or the other trick may work (such as card counting in blackjack, which we definitely do not recommend!), But you should definitely stay away from dodgy systems with unrealistic promises of winning. Almost always, their makers are mainly targeting your wallet. Please note that there is simply no fixed system to increase the chances of winning, especially those of online slot machines .

The house edge

Games of chance are based on luck and chance, there is no doubt about that. No system in the world can change this. The casino wants and has to earn some money and that’s why there is the so-called house advantage. Of course, this does not mean that you have no chance of winning. You have certainly won many times. However, no system helped you, only chance.